Crypto Market Ads - Decentralized democratic Crypto ads and Marketing Marketplace

Hi everyone,today i will tell you about project name is Crypto Market Ads (CMA) CryptoMarketAds platform has arise with the greatest answer with its healthy and vigorous market place. Digital foreign money methods can now take pleasure in companies like promotions, consultancy and purchase offerings for recent as properly as new ICOs. From films to campaigns, advertisers had been given flexible paths to opt for out from. Aim of CryptoMarketAds is to make sure that crypto-world self-sustainable.

The total market size is at around 5 Billion USD, and is expected to grow in the coming years, expect it to increase to almost 54.8 Billion USD by the year 2021.

CMA envisions the transformation of marketplaces around the world by starting with a crypto market advertising, marketing and related services marketplace. CMA will create an easy entry point into the crypto market for any existing or new online/ofine marketplace as a new crypto project. This will increase the overall adoption of the blockchain technology for marketplaces and other businesses.

This positively rapid growth has created many problems, such as crypto ads being banned by big corporations, publishers taking advantage by charging up to ten times more than comparable niches, marketing agencies and professionals also charging much more for the same services, and so on. It has also become hard to find influencers and good publishers since the market has attracted a lot of scams and fraud.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) proposes to clear up these problems by means of offering a steady marketplace that can deliver advertisers and publishers collectively onto a fair and democratic market platform. Publishers and carrier carriers will compete against every different thru advertising and marketing techniques such as providing lowest prices, aggressive afford and on the spot communication. Advertisers will be able to execute their marketing and marketing campaigns in a rapid and trustful manner except requiring a lot of finances or big advertising and marketing teams.

A democratic and decentralized crypto advertisement marketplace — that is the vision behind Crypto Market Ads. Our mission is to not only establish the best marketplace solution for crypto advertising and marketing but also create an internet of goods and services for global sellers and marketplaces.

CMA wants to change how sellers sell their goods and services by creating a truly global P2P (peer-topeer) ecosystem, where sellers are trustful, and goods and services are instantly available globally through a network of marketplaces. CMA also wants to deliver interactive online tools such as a drag-and-drop marketplace builder, and an initial coin offering (ICO) platform for marketplaces to ensure the success of all stakeholders involved.

Benefits of CMA

CryptoMarketAds serves as an on line advertising and advertising and marketing platform dedicated to crypto-based projects, considering how crypto advertising is mostly disallowed with the e book of basic marketing platforms. CMA brings together advertisers, publishers, market bounty hunters, crypto advisors, influencers and lovers underneath a single platform. Crypto startup mission house proprietors can gain marketing components and advertising offerings from greater publishers and professionals to make their own duties a success.

“CryptoMarketAds proudly deals a committed marketplace for crypto organizations to market themselves and grow,” says Artis. “Businesses and traders can join early earlier than the pre-sale to get greater beauty benefits. This is a distinctive probability they’ll use to jump-start their crypto duties and ICOs.”

CMA was as merely as lately featured as seen one in every of the top three ICOs of 2019 via ICOTOP, an independent crypto assessment agency. The difficulty managed to get an A1 rating; the second-highest rating possible. The marketplace beta has been released and is getting very excessive high caliber comments on on-line crypto speak boards resembling Bitcointalk. Just in a 1-week extra than 60 publishers have already signed as a lot as supply their crypto advertising and advertising and marketing services.

CRYPTOMARKETADS is an advertizing and marketing platform that we could in companies to sell their crypto- primarily founded completely tasks and collects the companies of venture specialists to make their duties a success. It brings together crypto publishers, bounty hunters, influencers and lovers below a single platform to supply crypto companies to mission house proprietors in secure surroundings.

Other good points of CRYPTOMARKETADS mission includes; Rendering Advisory Services, Blockchain Services, Email Newsletters, Marketing Services, Website and ICO listings and Social Channels.

In essence, CMA is a marketplace in which supplier firms and venture specialists can supply their companies and wisdom to crypto tasks and ICOs watching to stop up successful. It goes to be supported by utilizing a blockchain tech. The market uses CMA tokens because the basic type of worth and asset transfer. These CMA tokens are to be made feasible in any respect predominant crypto-currency exchanges spherical the sector

Ico Details

Token created: 10,000,000,000 CMA
Tokens issued: 5,000,000,000 CMA
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Pre sale : 15/05/2019
Public sale: 12/06/2019


This is a ico that is highly rated on the ico review site, they have a strong team, clear and transparent project along with detailed roadmap.

Experienced team and unique ideas. Both investors and ordinary users would benefit from your project. Wish you all the success. A very good and reliable company with incredible plans for the future and really good prospects. I think we should join them as soon as possible, because it’s a good project. with investments and profits certain. Provides us with total confidence and credibility.


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