BITWAY - Decentralized Bitcoin Mining with Renewable Energy

This is a platform integrating a superior hydro powered mining operation with a tokenized revenue distribution model. The headquarters is placed in Norway, The mining centres will be placed in the north of the united states of america alongside the equal latitude as Siberia and Alaska.

Today, the manufacturing of cryptocurrency requires a lot of energy. However, this is frequently not the limit, Bitway Such fast growth stone and represents an excellent threat to our climate, in which its results are already evident. Many who would like to mine Bitcoin, they do no longer recognize and haven't acquired competencies to do it. This venture (Bitway) will be magnificent for them due to the fact it is a probability for them. It is also a chance for investors to realize the high-quality benefits that Bitway Mining offers. The mining network is built on a self-supported and decentralized community.

We understand that plenty is available nowadays on the Internet, there is a lot of talk about mining, how to do something, compile, how to do it all. Discussions are on a range of forums, people ask questions, assist each other with advice. There are greater and extra humans who have started out to deal with their personal mining. Graphics cards are sold, cards that are slower or they mine a little so that the miner would not choose them anymore, so he sells them to beginners or those who want it. Experiences and advice alternate. They healthy the residence with driveways and dig. Yet despite the controversial electricity bills, they figure out to proceed to do so and consequently earn extra income at home. As we have noted, it is essential to have know-how and skills, but additionally space. Everyone can now not recognize how to set up the rig and how the whole device is united, to some it is just impractical and incomprehensible, but they can also now not even have room to set up something like this. But with Bitway, all matters are possible, it is a Bitcoin mining network that gives you the opportunity to take a phase in a worthwhile Bitcoin mining operation.

Usability and purpose

Bitway The BITWAY platform is the best and most profitable mining project I have ever seen in this era. In the future, it is the best and only platform that gives monthly payments to its mining program users and subscribers. Most other mining projects pay quarterly and yearly. Users and members are not always happy with this. BITWAY has provided better solutions through monthly payments. The BITWAY platform has been tested and trusted by a range of miners and cryptocurrency mining program enthusiasts and trades at the top cryptocurrency exchanges where users can trade to confirm its legitimacy and severity Allowing them to exchange their tokens after listing on these exchanges is the reason I believe now is the best time to invest in the BITWAY project. The BITCOIN mining program, BITWAY platform, allows people to mine on the platform and earn BITWAY tokens as rewards on the platform. Decentralization is one of the priorities of the BITWAY platform, which is why the platform is a decentralized platform that gives users full access to their accounts whenever they need it. Distributed platforms always have a higher percentage of trust just because transactions are viewed and recorded in blockchain networks. To ensure transparency, we launched our own explorer that allows members to easily monitor network development.

Why need invest in Bitway?

Bitway is an amazing project so far, Their whitepaper and the roadmap is transparent. They have a good idea and a great team to make this project will be success in the future. So good job and hope will be to the moon. It's really impressive, come so far a successful journey! Bitway will be one of the most successful of its kind! They have a great vision and purpose. This project requires attention. The idea of a team competition, the results achieved, the partnership. All these are indicators that this project has a great future. Bitway has a great team and a lot of experience in this direction! I propose to provide the necessary support to the project. Bitway is a very wonderful project that will offer consumers the ease to buy their goods directly from manufacturers in a very cost-effective manner.

Invest in Bitway tokens and receive monthly payouts from the network

A platform integrating an advanced hydro powered Bitcoin mining operation with a tokenized revenue distribution model.

Token Detail

-Name: Bitway
-Symbol: BTWN
-Max Supply: 21.000.000
-ICO Rate: 1x1000
-ICO Bonus: Up to 50%
-Contract address: 0xfd5f2d12c42e0b503b388dd22bde6c7a17ed1bb4


Final Word

The primary benefit is that bitcoin mining is no longer feasible for individuals, small groups, or those with older mining rigs. But with Bitway Mining’s, dividend redistribution of 70% of mined profits every month allows even small investors holding Bitway tokens the chance to collectively participate and obtain some profits from bitcoin mining. Bitway Mining enters bitcoin mining with a very efficient set up inside a cool, dry, low humidity mountain. Invest in Bitway and receive monthly payouts from the network!

Project Contacts

White paper:
ANN Thread:

Bitcointalk user profile:;u=2256713

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