DAXICO Exchange

DAXICO is a decentralized trading platform, a decentralized e-commerce site, an OTC platform, a virtual Masternode, and a multi-platform e-wallet. These five different business models are based on the Blockchain Ethereum. This brings convenience to Daxico, unlike most other electronic money platforms.

As a result, we have a platform that provides users with many ways to make money. If you are a trader, you can use OTC platforms and decentralized exchanges to trade electronic money together to make a profit. If you just want to secure e-commerce, the decentralized e-commerce website will protect your money and personal information while providing cheaper transaction costs. If you are a miner or potential exploiter, you can decide to run a full masternode of Daxico or you can use virtual masternode if there are any hardware or internet connection restrictions from your location. friend. In general Daxico is a truly sustainable and less volatile ecosystem due to the utility provided by five business models.

Daxico is one of cryptocurrency exchanges launched in January 2019. Their exchange platform is operating normally, you can visit it at https://daxico.com/

There has also been a decent trading volume for the age of exchange that is still new, display platform is user friendly, and not quite heavy.

For the team behind Daxico Exchange, they deliberately hid or did not openly display the team's profile, because of the team's security from extortion, kidnapping. And it is true, operating an exchange platform is indeed a greater risk than other businesses, because you could say it is like a bank, which is trusted to store important assets of users. But at the bottom of  Daxico website, written from Switzerland and some information, for an explanation of this team, please see their forum thread About their team

DAXICO Exchange

Not just another exchange project doing ICO! Its DAXICO exchange. Yep. You can never have enough. Countless projects are being since the dawn of time of cryptocurrencies yet we are still in the dawn of this industry. What made this blockchain project different from the rest is that, they don’t ask for funding. DAXICO isn’t doing initial coin offering (ICO), their token is currently even traded on their own exchange right now and they are up to make their native DAXI token to work as trade fees in their platform.

There was a time when exchanges list a token base on the votes of the project community. Once they find out there would be enough support which can make good volume and enough for them to make money as well. But if you have been in the crypto industry for years, things had become different.

You’ll realize that in order for a coin to get listed on the exchange, the team would have to pay enormous amount of USD. Some of the teams do the other way around, they prefer to create a coin and then an exchange of their own.

Forum Daxico

Daxico Exchange also provides a special forum, to make it easier for users to give opinions or ask about other things related to cryptocurrency openly. You can visit and register at https://daxico.com/forum/

To date, members are still fairly small, because it is still the beginning. But over time as Daxico's reputation rose, members in the forum certainly rose. Like most forum features, you are free to create related topics.

General Discussion
Account and User Management
Wallet Issues
Basic Buy/ Sell Issues
Advanced Trading Issues
Peer-to-Peer Transfers
Suggest New Crypto
Feature Requests
Bug Reports

So many exchanges had been hacked before and funds, tokens were taken including the KYC data which were being solved in the Darknet. In order to avoid this, DAXICO i doing their best for trader’s security. And because  DAXICO don’t ask anything for registrants, this will allow users to be as anonymous as possible and the way traders want because they don’t have to submit KYC procedures. Great for users concern about their privacy.

DAXICO EXCHANGE — A trading platform of prestige and quality, is the new kỉe of the money transactions of

Daxico forum: https://daxico.com/forum
Official Telegram group: https://t.me/daxicoex 
Bounty Telegram group: https://t.me/DAXICOBounty

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