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I will here discuss the Livenpay project which is very successful in carrying out all of its plans and concepts, let's discuss this.

Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway and ecosystem built for the lifestyle and dining industry.

LIVENPAY is a much-needed bridge connecting the market. Rapid increase in the recognition of digital currencies, its use in daily existence stays a task for the world community. The major purpose for this is the high volatility of very high fee hundreds of thousands of digital assets in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, which will change the cutting-edge and old job structures on markets around the world, this task allows human beings to pick what they do with time and increase their personal productiveness and enhance the monetary existence of humans around the world.

Apps that enable you to use cryptocurrency in your day by day life to pay for items and services with the opportunity of using a loyalty program will entice many listeners. LivenPay will be really useful for enterprise owners and ordinary users. First, this application will carry huge income with the aid of increasing customer audience, and secondly – the capacity to use digital property barring having to study all the intricacies of Blockchain technological know-how and the world of digital assets.

LivenPay (LVN) will handle numerous different primary cryptocurrency weaknesses, with special interior conversion rates that assist limit volatility and furnish intrinsic fee in Platform Liven. By catapulting this new foreign money behind an already mounted business with a virtual forex gadget that has already been implemented, Liven targets to use the money raised thru its ICO to enlarge Liven’s network to cities consisting of New York, San Francisco, and London.

Benefits of LivenPay

All of the above elements will be combined into a network created by a project called LivenNetwork. In this network, consumers will be able to pay for services, and suppliers will receive certain benefits for that. The method of payment will be an LVN token, which allows it to be converted into the currency of most countries in accordance with their exchange rates on the international market. Suppliers have the opportunity to choose the currency received.

The developers plan to release 10 billion coins, the sale of which began in October last year. At present, the cost of one coin is $ 0.015. The minimum amount of support for project support and development is 10 million dollars, a maximum of 28 million dollars.

The value of LVN tokens will increase in proportion to the entry of new entrepreneurs into the network, which will enable not only to get more benefits but also to popularize the platform.

For consumers, cashback is provided for all purchases if payment is made by a mobile application, which allows you to spend the funds collected for more expensive purchases, discounts for lunch at places connected to the LivenPay network, or even to sell the most returned coins this. This brings benefits to businesses included in the network, because of such bonuses, users will continue to apply in their company.

The Problem

Crypto Payments Aren’t Made for People. Inaccessibility, the uncertainty of value, and lack of patron centric graph make it impractical to use blockchain for commercial enterprise cases.

  1. Blocked Chain. Cryptocurrencies are functionally inaccessible to organizations and buyers for normal use.
  2. Paid Out. Payment networks are not customer-centric and provide little extra than utility in the transaction process.
  3. Price Volatility. Market volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them impractical for business operational use day to day. 

Principle of operation

This platform ecosystem consists of various elements:
  • Payments with gift protocols and default clever contract tokens;
  • consumers;
  • salespeople;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • e-commerce store;
  • charitable foundation;
  • external token exchange. 

Information Token

LVN Token

LVN Tokens was released on the Ethereum platform. The total problem is 10,000,000,000 coins, 3,000,000,000 are allocated for sale. Public sales were launched in October 2018 and will last until March 14, 2019. The first LVN fee is 0.015 USD. The maximum amount that the developer wants to collect is $ 28,000,000.

  • Initial Token Sale
Total Tokens for Sale 3 Billion (3,000,000,000) LVN Tokens
Token Price 0.015 USD/LVN
Accepted Currencies USD, AUD, ETH
Target Raise USD$28M
  • Indicative Timeline
Presale Offer Period 4 ~ 6 month before the Presale Offer Opening Date
Public Sale Open Date 2 ~ 4 weeks after the Presale Offer Closing Date
Public Sale Closing Date 6 ~ 8 weeks after the Public Sale Opening Date
Expected Date of Token Generation 2 ~ 4 weeks after the Pubic Sale Offer Closing Date
We’ve been active in market for three years - moving fast on product releases, global expansion, and ecosystem growth

Project partners


LivenPay will attract many users, will bring real benefits to small businesses and their customers. Businesses will receive additional benefits from increasing the number of customers, and consumers will be able to easily start using digital currencies, even if they have never used it for a previous settlement. The prototype is available, the minimum amount of investment for implementation has been received, which indicates the security of investing in LivenPay

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