Assetsplit: Another milestone for crytocurrency

The term blockchain as heard many times over in the past couple of years has without a doubt, proven to be both helpful and useful in the various areas concerning societal needs, regarding crypto use of course. But this integrated aspect in cryptocurrency came to be shown in another light with the onset of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency where a new feature called smart contracts was introduced.

This brought with it so many possibilities in the world of crypto as there never was, with its ability to create tokens that can be used for transactions, making trading possible in a non-centralized manner, making sure transactions done are checked and approved through blockchain systems, being able to game with a blockchain approach and so on.

The platform Asset split is one that will help, facilitate investors and traders from foreign and local investors. Split Asset Platform is developed for the comfort and security of investors. A digital world asset-based cryptocurrency exchange trading and investment platform project. The main aspects of the digital economy will be simplified and simplified and clearer thanks to the diverse ecosystem of Asset platforms, exchanges, a complete trading platform, and ICO incubator.

What is Asset Split Network (ASN)?

ASN is an Ethereum based asset generating platform, with a focus on smart contracts generating smart contracts. Asset Split is the place to split up your valuables with the help of smart contract technology, to get fresh capital to drive your project´s growth. The use of the ASN services currently requires a web3-capable browser or the Metamask browser extension to access data from the blockchain.

ASN Mission

Our mission is the simplification of smart contract standards to allow any John Smith the creation of a fitting smart contract for his needs. All generated contracts become part of the ASN, building a strong and solid community.

Low gas fees for smart contracts, generated by smart contracts is an advantage that also professionals appreciate.

You might want to ask what is the aims and objectives of asset split. But before we talk about that, we need to know what led to it's development. Since the introduction ethereum and it's white paper, a whole new way of drafting contract and carrying out applications was introduced. With to this new way of drafting contract called smart contract, other tokens based on the ethereum platform has emerged. The areas of application of smart contract is limitless, but some services which is made possible with the aid of smart contract include blockchain based authentication system, exchange service and so on. With this achievement with ethereum, it has been placed in the Frontline when it comes to smart contract enabled blockchain system even with the numerous competitions.

EAST Profit Shares

All existing and upcoming ASN service contracts are owned by the ASN share manager contract. From this ASN share manager, investors are allowed to sign ASN shares. Each ASN share is an own smart contract, holding investors collateral of 1,000 EAST and is owned by the signer.

All ASN share contracts have included functions to receive and withdraw payments in EAST & Ether. The EAST sale contract is owned by the ASN share manager contract too, providing Ether from EAST token sales to ASN shareholders.

Collateral tokens are locked in a ASN share contract for 100 days for the first signed contract, decreasing by one day for every further contract signed. After the locking time is up, the collateral can be unlocked and withdrawn. This action will end the profit distribution to that ASN share.

Token Sale

Assetsplit is currently in the ICO fundraising stage to sell EAST tokens. The ICO process will take place on the company's main website:

Token contract: 0x2d1e23144b89fc7364ed3efcd5af04093f7d9a3d
Full name: Ethereum Asset Split Token
Symbol: EAST
Total supply: 150,000 EAST
Decimal: 18
Minting: no
The total supply of 150,000 EAST is sent to Split Asset tokens
Targeted circulation supply: 100,000

EAST Stock Guarantee: 1,000 EAST
Available shares: 50
Share payment: 1% platform turnover

Token sales: 100%
Price of tokens: 1 Ether = 100 EAST

EAST bonus:
1+ Ether investment: 2% EAST bonus
5+ Ether investment: 5% EAST bonus
10+ Ether investments: 10% bonus

Asset Split itself will enhance and expand the trading area in the eyes of the world, the way cryptocurrencies are traded and will be the main innovator, Asset Split trustee services, decentralized exchange services, blockchain-based authentication systems, blockchain games and much more - the use of smart contracts is mere infinite.

the platform will provide an easy-to-use platform service for digital currency investors and crypto-space real-world money, the platform is intended as a deliberate exchange and service investment platform to revolutionize the process of easing developer project efforts in the blockchain ecosystem. This project is very valuable for the future for the development of world blockchain.

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