IDA - Digitize real assets on the IDA platform, join a thriving business ecosystem

The IDAasset digitization ecosystem (IDA Ecosystem) will drive the digitalization of the real economy using an innovative asset digitization business model that combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, data-driven financing, and mobile robots. The IDA Ecosystem enables the data to truly constitute assets with enhanced digital ownership rights on the blockchain. At the same time, it increases the connectivity and circulation of real assets, through creating an "Internet of everything" that promotesdigitalisation of the real economy. The IDA Ecosystem provides an enterprise asset digitization solution and functionality to build a thriving ecosystem for exchanging all qualified real assets.

❗️Vision for IDA 

The asset digitization platform of IDA is a global marketplace helping asset holders and investors to use tokenization to convert and exchange digitized resources over the blockchain.

-Asset holders can create and offer their own secondary tokens, thereby adding value to assets.
-Consumers in the ecosystem can exchange asset tokens to transact across asset categories.
-Ecosystem participants can potentially receive incentives by participating in transactions.

🔧Technology Overview

✅Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger maintained over an encrypted online peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Transactions are verified by a consensus mechanism across distributed nodes in the network before data is recorded in a noneditable chain structure. This novel ledger technology achieves both greater security and transparency. Transactions are completed according to smart contracts that are executed by automated scripts, protected with data encryption, and verified by distributed participants in the network. In essence, a blockchain secures information in the database through having transactions verified by independent parties across the network. In contrast to previously distributed databases, a blockchain has the following distinguishing characteristics:

➡️Decentralised “ trustless ” transactions: enables secure interactions between parties without a need for direct third-party intermediaries or oversight. This greatly reduces or eliminates transaction risk.
➡️Authorised users: users have full control over their data and transactions.
➡️High-quality data: supports more complete data with greater consistency; that is more instantaneous, accurate and broadly accessible.
➡️Durability, reliability, and resilience: network decentralization means that there is no single locus of vulnerability, hence precluding malicious attacks.
➡️Transparency and permanence: By removing the need for a third- party authority, users are assured that transactions will be reliably executed according to a mutual agreement.
➡️Simplification of the ecosystem: Including every transaction in the public ledger reduces the inconsistencies and complexities of maintaining multiple sets of records.
➡️Rapid transactions: Inter-bank transactions can take multiple days for processing and finalization; particularly outside of setting business hours.
➡️Low transaction costs: Due to its decentralized structure, blockchain technology reduces or eliminates transactional fees associated with third-party intermediaries.

✅Digital Assets

Digital assets could include web properties, applications, programs, program code, digital documents, photographs, media, cryptocurrencies, email addresses and its correspondence, social media accounts and its contents, cloud services, data and more. From an economics perspective, asset digitization consists of converting ownership rights into a binary code format that can be transacted in daily life or commercial operations.

IDA is partnering with Sigfox, a global provider of Ultra Narrow Band IoT technology; and MATRIX AI Network, an AI-powered, hybrid public blockchain provider. These partnerships will make IDA an innovative leader in technology and novel business models. Using IoT and big data to gather and process asset data onto the blockchain, and AI to analyze asset data, this novel integrated technology suite will create strong advances in asset digitization.

1. Chipsets: to resolve the uniqueness of physical assets;
2. IoT: to manage real assets on the blockchain;
3. Ultra Narrow Band IoT: to provide network coverage in remote regions;
4. Blockchain: to improve ownership, transactional transparency, and origination of assets;
5. Artificial Intelligence: to improve operational efficiency and create green, value-added mining for the blockchain.

Arthur He concluded the meeting by discussing how IDA has established an international team of technology experts, to build out its global digital asset ecosystem. The IDA ecosystem will progressively improve asset liquidity and expand the scope of opportunities for businesses to collaborate in the changing global economy.

The success of CDAD is a strategic stepping stone in IDA’s global strategy. IDA is committed to building an inclusive, international digital asset platform for the global market.

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