ARROUND a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform

You know when I think of AR technology that first of all to me fantastic movies and which series occur today there is rather large number. It is just that moment when you go along the street and instead of the cloyed advertizing signs you see virtual assistants. It can be barkers in restaurant, the girl with the smartphone and can even a dinosaur everything depends on imagination of advertisers

But that if it not such and far future. You will say yes heroes of these movies don't use points or smartphones for AR. But technologies don't stand still. And if patents for AR that soon trace wearable devices several others for the technology gaining popularity. And marketing specialists and advertisers of all gradation perfectly realize that such market of advertizing is very attractive

ARROUND is that case when the company didn't begin to wait for the far future and has decided to make the platform under him here and now. And it is not just the platform it is a full-fledged ecosystem which unites users and creators of AR content creating economic relations and interaction between them!

It is thought to me that you will be not against if I decipher the last line let's touch the world of advertizing technologies of the future in more detail.


The ability to overlay any existing SLAM data, or equivalent, provided by the current set of SDKs provided by Apple and Google, will result in our ability to provide pinpoint accuracy in presenting an augmented reality experience exactly where our users require.

In addition to enabling the advanced AR experience on ARROUND, the AR Map data that we collect will also be analyzed to determine prime advertising locations, in order to develop optimum marketing and advertising strategies by time and location correlated to user activity.

Process for Building and Using the AR Map

Overall System Architecture

ARROUND platform comprises four key elements that are all connected via blockchain, which combine to create a complete AR ecosystem that will allow the project to thrive.

AR Social

This is ARROUND’s social network, which will be available for both Android and iOS and available for free in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The core concept of the network is to bring augmented reality into a social setting, allowing every user to create and share AR content with their friends, while making new friends in the process.

Users will be able to create Rounds, AR objects that can contain a variety of media types, and place them in physical locations.

A selection of AR objects will be offered to users on the ARROUND platform by default. Customization and additional AR objects will be provided by developers and by commercial partners.

Augmented Reality Ecosystem

Social Responsibility
By enshrining our users’ rights in blockchain, we ensure that their privacy and personal data remains firmly in their hands. 

Marketing & Advertising
Advertisers, retailers and organizations will also benefit from the transparency that blockchain provides. 

Generating a 3D Map of the World
Blockchain is an essential and indivisible part of the overall system, allowing us to reward users, and record their contribution to the creation of a 3D spatial map that will power the coming generation of AR services in addition to countless other services that require accurate spatial positioning to operate.

Developer Ecosystem
AR developers, both hardware and software, will benefit from the transparency that blockchain provides and the flexibility that the ARR token offers.

AR AdNet

AR AdNet is another of the four key elements of the universal augmented reality ecosystem being created by ARROUND. The idea behind the service is to provide an outlet for brands, organizations and offline retail stores to engage in advertising, marketing and information campaigns in augmented reality.

ARROUND fixes this broken and asymmetric model of user engagement, by offering a disruptive advertising solution that unleashes the power of contextual advertising to high street retailers using augmented reality (AR) accessible through smartphones or AR glasses, based on a platform powered by blockchain.

All commercial parties can access the ARROUND ecosystem via a dedicated Ad Portal. This portal serves an important function in terms of allowing anyone to build and rollout advertising or marketing campaigns from a single location. 

The portal will provide the following functionality:
  • Registration as an advertiser. Advertiser can be either an individual or a legal entity
  • Advertiser’s account
  • Advertising round creation
  • Advertising campaign management 
  • Reports and analytics
  • Tariff plan selection and purchase
  • Advertising round creator toolkit 
  • Client account
  • Tools to top-up the user’s balance
  • Advertising campaign analytics
AR Map 

The AR Map links directly to the social network and to the advertising solution. Users of AR Social can take part in a project to map their location simply by scanning the area around them with their smartphone camera. The requirement is only that they have a front facing camera in order to capture a set of data points that will be generated. The technology is similar in nature to 3D scanning, a field which already has a well-developed and widespread set of algorithms that can provide the accuracy required to delivery an immersive AR experience.

AR Store

The AR Store will allow users to conduct the sale and lease transactions of content and services offered on the platform. Content authors will set the prices for their products themselves. It can be free distribution, a freemium model or a one-time/regular payment. Also, there are options for auctions, crowdfunding campaigns and donations.

ARR Token

Symbol : ARR
Total Supply : 3,000,000,000 ARR
Price : $0.035
Softcap : $5,000,000
Hardcap : $30,000,000


Official Video

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