PlayGame : Power Your Game Economy With Blockchain

Playing games is fun, and people play games competitively throughout the world. With the rise of e-sports, massive pool prizes worth millions of dollars are also becoming the norm. But not everyone is good enough to compete in that level. What about the rest of us?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we can, for example play Tetris in your phone and compete for high score with our friends? What about creating our own pool prize and whoever has the highest score, wins that pool prize? That is what PlayGame platform is all about.

To put it simply, is a direct-to-play gaming platform where anyone can play for free, compete with friends and win pool prizes. No downloads required. To enable global distribution of the pool prize, we use blockchain technology.

Blockchain enables us to provide cross-border remittance for deposit, withdrawal and disbursement of the competition pool prize. We created our own cryptocurrency token called PXG to do just that.

Tokenomy Launches Playgame ICO

The latest information about Tokenomy development, now Tokenomy launches its first launchpad project, Playgame. Tokenomy team will fully support this first project. Playgame is the first advisory project from Tokenomy and we believe that our 4-year experience in managing the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia will help PlayGame to reach its full potential

Tentang Playgame memberikan kesempatan para developer game untuk membuat game bagi penggemar Crypto. Games yang seru dan menyenangkan di mana user dapat bermain games dimana setiap pembayaranya menggunakan token dan bersaing untuk memenangkan lebih banyak token dari mata uang kripto lainnya. Ini adalah sebagai salah satu solusi untuk memperoleh, memonetisasi, dan mempertahankan pengguna untuk pengembang game indie.

Playgame didirikan oleh CEO Anton Soeharyo, pendiri salah satu perusahaan game mobile paling sukses di Indonesia — TouchTen Pte Ltd. Telah menerbitkan lebih dari 50 game seluler, mengumpulkan lebih dari 50 juta unduhan dengan banyak mencapai top charts.

Salah satu ICO yang sukses didukung oleh Tokenomy adalah Vexanium. kini Vexanium VEX sudah mulai dibangun dan untuk tokenya pun sudah bisa diperjual belikan melalui beberapa exchanger seperti tokenomy exchange , bitinka, btc-alpha , dan exrate.

When to start ICO?

There is no official information for the start date of pre ico and the initial token sale takes place. I will update as soon as possible if there is official information from Tokenomy. which is certain in the near future. so be ready to be part of the ico project with the game genre with this tokenomy platform.


Playgame ICO will immediately launch a Sale Token starting on September 10, 2018, 15.00 WIB, to participate in buying this token you can buy it in tokenomy exchange.

Get a 10% bonus if you buy with TEN tokens.

Complete information about Playgame

Whitepaper (download)

ITS site:

Telegram Group: Indonesia & English

Interesting thing about ICO Playgame

If you browse the site, there are some big names who become advisors (advisors) in this project, and the name is already familiar in the world of technology in Indonesia, there is Andrew Darwis who is the Founder of Kaskus. You must have heard kaskus right, the biggest Indonesian community forum that popularized the words "AGAN, Cendol, Lapak, etc.)

I don't know what the cooperation will be like, this project seems very good for the long term, seeing the CEO Anton Soeharyo is very experienced in the field of game development and in this era the game has become a very promising business area. there is no denying, there is a PUBG, my Mobile Legend in my opinion is very much there are so many who are addicted and play one of these games. do not rule out the possibility, this playgame project from Tokenomy will become part of the game industry in the world.

How to Buy Playgame PXG tokens.

Because this project is part of Tokenomy's launchpad, to buy PXG tokens you can register in Tokenomy and use TEN tokens to buy PXG when ICO or Pre ICO takes place. currently it has not been announced when the initial sale date starts. the admin will update as soon as possible if there is official information. so please register in tokens first and buy a TEN Token first through Indodax and send it to Tokenomy.

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