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Welcome my dear friends. Today I will tell you about an interesting project. The continued growth of the RUBY, combined with the traditional approach to supply chain management, is holding back industry participants. Your attention is given to a new technological solution that can protect the supply chain and optimize the processes of the company.

The world is moving fast. Things are changing by the day even as different technologies are emerging. 2008 witnessed rapid decline in the world’s economy, leaving so many on a crossroad with the big question, where do we go from here? From 2009, the fortune of the world’s commercial operations has been confidently innovative to a level of competition and technological advancement, with the institution of the blockchain technology combined with the Ethereum Blockchain which has demonstrated to be consistent and self-sufficient against the previous conventional institutions. From experiential sources, it has been established that cryptocurrency is developing asset class management industry; it has long been held that supernumerary investments are an important module in portfolio management.

RUBY operating company is decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the blockchain technology and its own crypto currency, and the platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations all over the world. And also blockchain and smart contracts serve as the way forward into the Industrial use, creating economies of scale and potentially aggregating supply. Decentralized manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, secure and economically sound for more participants in a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem.

Therefore, the RBY Wallet would central to every interaction in the ecosystem, and also be secure storage and exchange platform for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, enabling users to deposit, hold, send, and exchange supported cryptocurrencies and fiat. Merchants can freely choose and switch between different blockchain assets for payments. Users can convert from BTC, ETH, and RBY vice versa, utilize peer-to-peer transfers and exchanges, and pay for merchant services.

What does Ruby mean?

Ruby-X is an exchange platform created to offer transparent, expandable and unbreakable trading opportunities to users where they can not only exchange cryptocurrency but can also trade data, technological innovation, digital money and assets all with blockchain support.

Addressing the issue of digital currency exchange throughout the world and realizing cross-exchange investor trade, legal exchanges, deposits, and withdrawals between various digital currencies and assets. Improve trade efficiency, exchange performance and realize the distribution of the totality of digital currencies and offer the best prices that are oriented in the world cryptocurrency market.

Ruby-X exchange is also called stage with straightforward, expandable and insoluble capabilities. In addition, Ruby-X will create its own environment as the number 1 exchange in the cryptocurrency market. The main benefit of this Ruby-X trade is to outline the dream of cryptocurrency trading. This illustrates what is the stage of Ruby's trading and how does it deliver incentives to its investors.


In a bid to operate as a link between traditional finance and the digital asset economy, the Ruby-X platform has come up with a simple and conventionally adoptive system. Three major aspects of the digital economy will be simplified by Ruby-X diverse ecosystem thus presenting an exchange, a trading platform, and a complete ICO incubator. A wide range of services will be made available as Ruby-X works alongside its partners. New traders can invest in cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on the exchange using adjustable and user-friendly environment, while professional investors can conveniently use trading platform that has been designed with a vigorous toolset. Ruby-X ecosystem envisions its ability to provide companies with an ICO incubator that is ready to use that supports project development thus enhancing growth and collaboration.

Ruby-X hopes to offer payment processes for both cryptocurrencies and fiat that are fast and secure by establishing stable banking relationships. Ruby-X also plans on implementing and adding to the already existing features, a unique system of rewards for Ruby-X coin (RBY) purchasers, and carefully designed custom trading solutions to meet the needs of the digital asset economy.

Benefits and objectives of ruby-X for users and investors

There are many benefits of the Ruby-X exchange platform for users and investors. Here's one of the benefits of Ruby-X:

  • Ruby-X offers a transparent platform where traders can see exactly all activities that occur with their funds in real time, providing opportunities for users who have a large token amount to get a 10% profit from the total revenue that comes in three months.
  • Ruby-X offers to expand the use of platforms to include fund exchanges not just cryptocurrency, acceptance of different key cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, USDT and RBY. Exchange of information and technology can support various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and even regular web applications. Everything adds immeasurable value to users.
  • Users can save and enjoy savings interest by using cold wallets that partner with BitGo and Coldlar, and also ensure strong and secure server support to accommodate traffic easily.

The Ruby Token

The exchange runs on its native cryptocurrency called the RUBY tokens and these tokens form the base of the Ruby-X ecosystem. The Ruby token can be traded against most of the cryptocurrency on the platform in the coin to coin exchange. Its also used to pay for fees on the exchange. The Ruby token has the following characteristics and it includes:

Name – Ruby Token
Ticker – RBY
Price - 1 RBY= $0.22
Hard cap - $200,000,000
Token type – ERC20
Accepts - BTC, ETH, EOS
Blockchain type – Ethereum
Total supply – 20 billion RBY
Tokens available for sale – 2 billion RBY
CrowdSale Date – 10 August – 17 September 2018

We expect that tons of private funds based on cryptocurrencies will be on this planet soon. We will open Crypto Fund Audit Platform. We will invest through this platform as well.

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