MyCryptoBank (MCB) - Cryptobank for Cryptocommunity

The globalization of our planet leads to globalization of relations among its whole population. Today, the demand for digital money is very high. «Internet digital currency» is safe, based on the internet, accessible currency, assisting all people without bank accounts in getting access to funds and also allows making fast and cheap transfers of funds without any geographic limitations. Smartphone popularity in developed countries and speed of its expansion in developing countries permit such companies as MyCryptoBank to offer services of full platform of banking. We can use it having only a smartphone and debit card.

What is MyCryptoBank?

MyCryptoBank — is an online bank allowing any client registered in the electronic bank system to make a full range of bank operations, additional operations with cryptocurrency (payment processing, debit cards, credits and cheap investment products, use of crypto assets as credit security and many others) based on Blockchain technology without visit of department.


The popularity of digital banking in the world does not slow down. Comfort, speed and safety — are not only additional advantages for users, they are standard requirements in modern relations “client-bank”.


Crypto community doesn’t have stable access to regular banking services. Many of those who deal with crypto are getting blocked by banks and financial institutions.


Creating Cryptobank loyal to crypto community and services related to crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

Main factors that have been halting banking industry

How MyCryptoBank is facing down the industry problems

Main services

Their Featured Products

A Payment Ring is an analogy of contactless cards, integrated into the payment system of the bank and allowing conducting payments similar to a bank card. It is also possible to pay online: each payment ring has an assigned number, validity period, and CVV code. The rings are durable and waterproof.

A Multi-Digital Card is a full-grade replacement for ordinary plastic cards. They allow you to connect several cards at once: debit, credit, discount, gift cards or even cards to a fitness club, etc. In other words, they can connect to any card that has a BAR code or built-in EMV chip. As Multi-Digital Cards are the same size as traditional cards it is possible to use them for cash withdrawals.

This is a mobile application, representing a set of payment services for its clients. Services include emission of virtual cards of payment systems. Until this bank receives a license this service will be performed with the participation of bank-partners but soon, MyCryptoBank (WALLET) will be able to issue cards independently.

Future of MyCryptoBank and project perspectives

One of the most powerful and evident advantages of the project is the well-established technological base, making possible the most efficient project development, avoiding the invariable non-optimal solutions.

The 2nd prominent advantage of the project is the well-established user database of MyCryptoBank’s group of companies. These people are potential users of MyCryptoBank financial services.

The 3rd project competitive advantage is MyCryptoBank’s business model. The major feature of the business model is separation of licensing and service of business units of the financial agent for operations with crypto currencies and the bank.

Professional players request not the service provider, but the full participant of the financial system. The proper crypto projects are interested in their operational transparency both from the part of the crypto society, and all of the regulatory state and over state entities.

Why you need MCB Token

Depending on how many tokens are hold by the users, they obtain following statuses

Distribution of Funds

Crowdsale Terms


Team member


Worldwide Partners

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