Maximize your trading profit with the CoinAnalyst A.I. Platform

About CoinAnalyst

CoinAnalyst is a German limited corporation that provides an AI-based big data analytics platform that allows any trader in the crypto asset sector and other industries to access a dashboard that monitors and analyzes real-time crypto market data. The platform collects continuously and almost in real time all relevant information about cryptocurrencies and ICOs from all available sources. The basis for this is the proven award-winning Cogia technology. It enables semantic indexing and structuring of online data by means of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence and has already been used successfully by Fortune 500 customers for several years.

How does it work?

CoinAnalyst collects and gathers all information regarding crypto coins from all the available sources based on real-time. It uses a monitoring system called Web Observer which is operated by Cogia GmbH. There are forums and blogs in the system regarding coins as well as posts from social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit etc which are published in the platform. All articles and posts are stored in the index of the system for future referrals for traders. It has a meta-search system which uses keywords to link with search engines like Google, Bing etc.

The user opens an account and marks the relevant coins by paying subscription fees and by doing so he will receive all messages regarding the current trends of the coins via email or Telegram. There is special training facility for beginners as well in the platform. Mobile Apps are also available as web app and also in Androids and iPhones. The tokens used in CoinAnalyst are CYO tokens which are ERC-20 compliant and are used for all services in the ecosystem. The entry fee for traders is 20 Euros per month payable in CYO tokens and 100 Euros per month for advanced trading.

  • Streamed audio and video files that can be converted into text for better understanding of concepts.
  • Multilingual system supporting most of the common languages like Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic to name a few.
  • The system works in real-time.
  • A platform where everyone can voice their opinion and advices which are carefully sorted collected and consolidated.
  • Continuous evaluation of the trending mood of the crypto markets for better evaluation.
  • Trading tips based on data collected from through which traders can decide whether to buy or sell the coins.
  • The platform also informs the traders about a major change or impact in the coins through a feature called “breaking news”, which are sent to the subscribers via email or Telegram.
  • Major events, publications or updates of coins are also provided in the platform.
  • A common platform for all traders and investors to receive information at one place.
  • Extremely beneficial for newcomers as well as professional traders.
  • Special corporate packages for companies.
  • The CoinAnalyst Wallet follows the State-of-the-art security measures and follows the industry security measures.

CoinAnalyst ICO Details:
  • Duration: 2018-07-07 to 2018-10-31
  • Token: COY
  • Price: 1 COY = 0.01 EUR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 2,000 COY
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 EUR

CoinAnalyst is Blockchain based and hence the system is highly transparent and secure. It is extremely suitable for newcomers who are unknown to the risk and volatility of the market. The ecosystem again will be extremely beneficial for professional crypto traders as they will be willing to invest in the markets even more after gaining necessary information and analytics about the market.

CoinAnalyst meets, the next-generation crypto exchange.

We are happy to announce a cooperation with, the Switzerland headquartered financial institution based on blockchain technology, who has launched a highly customizable crypto-to-crypto exchange platform. In their ICO they raised successfully over 30 million dollars and at the same time have developed a massive network of cryptocurrency industry experts and corporate relationships. Following the successful close of their ICO, we will be streamlined to list our COY token on the exchange.

And the community members can expect various benefits like receiving an additional 5% bonus on top of the public bonus structure. For questions about this, please use Telegram:

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