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AlarmX Corporation is a security alarm monitoring solutions company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The founders of AlarmX created the AlarmX coin because they saw the need to bring the entire security alarm industry forward using blockchain technology, making security monitoring decentralized, peer to peer and autonomous. This has applications in, but not limited to residential, commercial, military, foreign governments and other allied countries across the globe. Anyone, anywhere that is on our blockchain can be monitored and secured privately. Our user interface uses tensorflow as input to enter data into our machine learning module. This module gathers data from the nodes on the blockchain, it goes out to the cloud, AI then takes the data brought back and uses that to construct a custom algorithm that is stored in a data vault. These algorithms can be used to troubleshoot and explain problems to give solutions to users and security companies that are using the AlarmX blockchain.

AlarmX is a third-generation coin based on Dash technology that has been proven and trusted which is why AlarmX Corporation chose to fork from the Dash blockchain using the same algorithms but forming a different chain. The AlarmX coin will be used by customers to pay for their security monitoring service and purchase security equipment ie. sensors, cameras, and key fobs. The items ordered by the customer, based on the self-design of their security system will begin shipping out in the first quarter of 2019. Whether using a self-designed security system or a system designed by a security professional from an existing security alarm provider partner company , AlarmX will use software as a service (SaaS) to deliver a wireless security monitoring service platform that runs on blockchain technology. SaaS will integrate with the internet of things ( IOT) to bring people and devices together to input information through our user interface (UI). AlarmX will use Cloud AutoML translation and leverage Google’s proprietary technology, which offers fast performance and accurate predictions . Once the nodes are on the blockchain user input will be necessary to help AI create predictive algorithms.

One of the biggest issues with the alarm industry as a whole today is that they are years behind the technology adoption curve and when you think about security monitoring it’s even further behind. The AlarmX Corporation is bringing the entire security alarm monitoring industry up to speed, back to the cutting edge of software and modern technology in order propel it into the future by utilizing the AlarmX blockchain. We know this innovative technology will disrupt the alarm monitoring industry but not only that, we will be advancing modern civilization through worldwide awareness to any and all attempts to breach our network. Having a security monitoring service is like having insurance, most people who don’t have it will not know they need it until after a disaster strikes. AlarmX Corporation stands to be the bridge from yesterday straight to tomorrow through innovative technology and software in the blockchain technology revolution.

The solution is decentralization though blockchain technology and soon every industry will have its own blockchain. This will allow participation from individuals all the way up through thirdparty installers like ADT. Everyone will be working together to help secure the network by providing stability and security by the users who have downloaded an AlarmX wallet and has uploaded their systems data on our blockchain into the cloud where AI will facilitate predictive behavior and create algorithms to help identify security issues and patterns that can be fixed or modified. Alarm companies will be able to operate autonomously while being part of a decentralized peer to peer industry governance system. The AlarmX blockchain will bring everyone up to speed and into the future economy where man and machine work together to improve conditions to secure the alarm network. We will offer a software as a service (SaaS) distribution model since it can seamlessly integrate with compatible third-party provider host applications and make them available to customers over the Internet.

The AlarmX coin will be used by customers to pay for their security monitoring service, and purchase security equipment i.e. sensors, cameras, and key fobs. Through the internet of things (IOT) we can connect any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). The user interface (UI) connects directly to the customers AlarmX core wallet on the Blockchain network. If there is an attempted breach on the blockchain an alert will be sent to your phone based on the radius you programmed on your App.

AlarmX Coin Specification
  • Mining Algo: X11
  • BlockTime: 2.5 min
  • Difficulty retarget: 1 Day (based on DarkGravityWave)
  • RPC Port: 2578
  • P2P Port: 2579
  • Block rewards: 18 Alrmx
  • 576 blocks per day
  • 576 * 18 = 10368 coins per day
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