AiBB Ico Review : AiBB works and how it can help stabilize the crypto ecosystem

About AiBB

AiBB is an Artificial Intelligence assistant that incorporates Ai, various blockchain networks, smart contracts and banking into a single all in one application to equip users with the decision making the power they’ve never had before.

AiBB gives users all the tools they need for successful trades, including a payment gateway, personalized portfolio management, trade predictions advice, groundbreaking Ai chat, and Ai security. Bringing state-of-the-art Ai to the blockchain promises to enhance not only trading, but the future of decentralized applications.

Definitive guide: how to evaluate and invest in AiBB crowdsale. Everything you need to know about AIBB cryptocurrency, before buying this altcoin: crowdsale launch date, prices, statistics, token distribution structure and many more. Dive in!

AiBB Core Concept

AI Assisted Trading Assistant

AiBB Description

AIBB is an AI assistant application which incorporates blockchain, smart contracts and a trading platform into a voice-controlled application.

  • Token: AIBB
  • Official website:
  • WhitePaper: Download
  • Country of Origin: Canada

AiBB Team:
  • Kelghe D’cruz (Ceo and Founder)
  • Yvonne Yuan (COO)
  • Mike Ermak (CIO)
  • Darren Franceschini (Blockchain Advisor)
  • Pravesh Vasudeva (Financial Advisor)
  • Eric Godwin (Blockchain Consultant)
  • Viven Kalia Senior (Blockchain Developer)
AIBB Crowdsale Details
  • Blockchain Platform: unknown
  • ICO Categories: Business services, Software
  • Crowdsale Start Date: n/a
  • Crowdsale End Date: n/a
  • Crowdsale Price: 1 AIBB = 0.5 USD
  • Payment Options: not specified
  • Initial Coin Offering Hard Cap: not specified
Should you invest in AIBB ICO

Investing in AiBB like investing in any other crypto asset is a high-risk activity. Please, before buying this token – independently conduct a research on the core characteristics, such as:
  • Study the project’s whitepaper
  • Relevance of the problem
  • Size of the market and development plans
  • Existing and potential competitors
  • Technical realization
  • Team experience and skills
  • Social activity
In addition, we recommend that you consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Ai assistant

AiBB‘s Ai assistant is designed to understand the full context of a user query. By using an end-to-end system of search, filtering, analysis, and answer generation, AiBB is able to provide an actionable response to the user. They Ai Assistant operates differently than a bot. It proactively gathers data and provides users with information prior to human users executing or performing a task.

Portfolio & Trading
Execute trades with one simple login across exchanges and keep track of your portfolio.

Identity Authentication
One KYC verification process allows you to instantly join any of partner exchanges for you to trade on.

Ai Security
Built based on banking best practices to keep your assets safe. With the added bonus of Ai Monitoring suspicious behavior.

Feature Packed
A treasure chest of tools for better trades. AiBB voting platform gives you a say in an ecosystem.


Portfolio Analysis
Get instant insights into how your assets are performing and know your net worth. Track all your trades, the fees, and its taxes.

Ai Trading Assistant
Trade on multiple exchanges from one app. Use the Ai assistant to set trading parameters and set your exit strategy.

ICO Review
The right ICO can make you a lot of money. AiBB analysis tool finds the hidden gems and provides you a list of the ICOs to consider.

Smart Wallet
You can securely lock all your alt coins in the smart wallet. With features like Wallet Safe and Coin retreat, your coins cannot be stolen.

Ai Chat
A NLU, NLP and ML chat function that works with all the Modules. Simply ask AiBB to perform a task and AiBB will execute the command.

Ai Voice
AiBB built-in Crypto Ai Assistant enables you to speak natural language commands to perform various tasks within AiBB. Think of it as OK GOOGLE for Cryto.

Smart Exchange Contracts
Trading contracts is the safest way to trade coins in the digital world. Smart contacts acts like an escrow for your trades while your coins are kept safe.

Ai Security
They aim to Restrict any unknown communication to AiBB. It will be wrapped in its own VPN and Inaccessible from the outside world.

Ai Pay
You can make payments right from your phone with your crypto coins. Using the NFC contact-less payment function, you will have instant access to your assets as cash.

We’ve Engineered Revolutionary Solutions

Ai Analytics
AiBB system of gathering information uses proprietary algorithms, performs deep analysis and presents the information in an actionable format. This give us a unique advantage: AiBB is about saving time by providing accurate, up-to-date information from thousands of data sources.

TAP – Token Authentication Protocol
AiBB Authentication Protocol first verifies and validates all the details before sending assets. You don’t even need an address to safely send tokens. Add a contact to the app and send a token. The receiving app knows which asset is being sent and deposits it into the correct wallet.

BEST PRICE- Exchange Layer
Let’s face it, opening up all these trading accounts and having your information on other servers is scary. AiBB Exchange Layer gives you access to trades at 20 of the top exchanges without the need to sign up or share your information with anyone.

Crypto ID – Authorization Protocol
The One KYC process will allow users to open accounts on multiple exchanges with a single KYC procedure done on AiBB. This simplified process happens in partnership with KYC companies as well as top exchanges.


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