MPCX ICO REVIEW || Digital Wealth Management Platform

What is MPCX about?

MCPX is a platform that aims to merge a lot of financial cryptocurrency services together. These include its first and foremost plan, which is managing digital wealth, exchanging cryptocurrency, trading crypto, promoting ICOs, and being a digital bank with services such as lending like the traditional financial institutions we have. What has been outlined is its long term aim. Once MPCX launches its primary function will be a platform for managing digital wealth and that’s what I’ll focus on in this article.

MPCX realizes that the cryptocurrency world is in dire need of digital wealth managers and it aims to fill that hole by taking over one of the very few existing niches in the cryptocurrency world.

The MPCX team have been together for 45 years with a wealth of experience in traditional wealth management and want to switch over to the cryptocurrency part of wealth management. The major aim is to help the existing cryptocurrency investor, primarily called the innovative investor at digital wealth management. The innovative investor in this case refers to investors with accumulated wealth in the cryptocurrency world only. Those who have garnered a lot of crypto wealth in either bitcoin or altcoins. The existing platforms for digital wealth management are not transparent and do not offer quality services for the innovative investor. MPCX aims to change all these. For the new investor, MPCX offers a wealth management platform on which the investor can get financial crypto advice on trading and exchanging based on the fact that they have little or no experience and helping them avoid scam ICOs.

In 2018, MPCX launches and starts operations as a digital wealth management platform. In 2019, most of what will be worked upon is developing the exchange arm of the platform with funds raised from its ICO. When the arm has been launched, only the top 100 coins in terms of market capitalization will be able to be exchanged on the platform. The first half of 2020 will be dedicated to establishing itself as a solid digital bank for the cryptocurrency world.

The MPCX stage will be created in three stages:

1. Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 – propelled wealth organization arrange
2. December 2018 – Nov 2019 – exchange of advanced cash
3. December 2019 – Jul 2020 – Digital keeping cash and coordinated wealth organization arrange.

This stage will bring most of the going with crypto organizations to one place:

Totally onboarding mechanized clients to decrease costs and outfit clients with welcoming organization.

The propelled cash of advanced cash in all out liquidity in TOP 100 money relies upon publicize capitalization.

Crypto portions, trades, and sparing cash courses of action.

Courses of action and wallets to give stay security from client stores.

Three investment able crypto records, AI crypto stores, ETN crypto, ICO.

The Digital Wealth Management Platform will offer the Digital Intelligent Digital Investment Mandate undermine, customized portfolio modifying, crypto advancing strategy, and uncovering.

The ICO MPCX constrained time and research stage will offer two-level access to ICO with full industry scope.

The MPCX crypto crediting stage will fuse borrowers scoring and organizing progress with potential moneylenders.

What Is MPCX Solution

At the end of the third stage of the development of the MPCX Platform we will have implemented the following ecosystem:

  • Digital Wealth Management Platform
  • Payment Solutions
  • Onboarding, KYC, AML
  • Digital Asset Exchange
  • Custody and Wallets
  • Trading Solutions
  • MPCX crypto lending platform
  • MPCX Product Platform
  • ICO Research & Promotion platform

MPCX Financials

We have several main categories of revenue streams  Forecasted revenue sources second, third and fourth years respectively

MPCX ICO Token Sale Information


XDMC is an ERC20 token and will have a total token supply of 999,950,416. The minimum investment is 0.10 ETH which is equal to 3,100 XMDC tokens. The supply for XDMC is fixed. There’ll be a bonus of 35% for those who invest over 150 ETH and 20% for those who offer 100 or more ETH.

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